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AQG Membership 2017 - 2018

New Meeting Location

As of April 3rd, we will be meeting at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church on 730 Bestgate Road, Annapolis MD.

Catch up on the latest Guild happenings! The newsletter provides details about workshops, programs, special events, bees, the quilt show and more.

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Membership: AQG Membership form 2017 - 2018

AQG Workshop Registration: AQG Workshop Registration

Retreat: Fall Retreat 2017 - to be announced

Treasurer Reimbursement Request: Treasurer's Reimbursement Request Form

Quilt Show On-line Entry form(preferred method):  On-line Quilt Show 2017 Entry Form!

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  Heart Blocks
Sending a pieced or appliqued heart on a 6 1/2 inch unfinished muslin background to a sick or heartbroken quilting friend has been a tradition among our members. You may sign and date your block. Receiving heart squares in the mail has helped to uplift spirits of many of our guild members. If you know someone in need of cheer, contact our "Sunshine Lady" (name of current person listed below).


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Elected Officers
President: Miki Burgnon

Vice President: Trish Hankey

Secretary: Vickie Ward

Treasurer: Patti Ackerman

Events: Katie Thompson and Kelly Dunahoo

Membership: Cynthia York and Debbie Varner

Newsletter: Eileen Mattingly

Programs: Polly Schatz and Sue Cochrane

Quilt Show: Amy Van Rite, Julie Antinucci, Jenn McCaskey

Senior Advisor: Lynn Hollway

Committee Chairs

AQG Merchandise Brenda MacQuilliam and Rebecca Musliner

Beekeeper: Barbara Whited

Community Outreach Projects: Kathy Cannon

Estate Committee: Lynn Hollway and Terri Flaherty

Historian: Hilke Hoeffer

Library: Marie Murphy

Publicity: Gloria Rund 

Raffle Quilt Wrangler: Maureen Griffith

"Sunshine" Lady: Robin Stinchcomb

Tax Committee: Nancy Yuill

Technology: Georgia Osterman

Webmaster: Carol-Sue McIlhargey

Quilt by Marti Phelps

Quilt by Rebecca Musliner

Quilt by 

Quilt by