About Us

The Annapolis Quilt Guild was established in 1981 as a 501(c)(3) organization and now has almost 300 members. In addition to monthly meetings, workshops, and programs, the guild holds a large, vibrant annual quilt show, hosts two retreats per year, shows its work at local venues and provides information about local quilting bees.

Mission Statement

The mission of the guild is to promote educational and philanthropic activities through the art of quilting. We are proud of the ways this mission is fulfilled through:

Hosting quilting-related programs, events and activities throughout the year, including
presentations by nationally and internationally known quilters.

Providing opportunities for our members to educate the public by displaying their work
at quilt shows and conducting demonstrations.

Contributing generously to community outreach projects and making donations to
quilting-related organizations.

Guild News

Catch up on the last 6 months of guild happenings through our recent newsletters. They are the best resource for up-to-date information on programs, events, bees, the quilt show and more.
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2019-2020 AQG BOARD

Presidents: Julie Antinucci
Jenn McCaskey
Vice President: Adrienne Randall
Secretary: Polly Schatz
Treasurer: Patti Ackerman
Events: Brenda MacQuilliam
Rebecca Musliner
Membership: Judy Shapiro
Marcia Smith
Sue Eells
Newsletter: Eileen Mattingly
Programs: June Bronfenbrenner
Nancy Somers
Quilt Show: Kelly Quimby
Mary Thomas
Diane Gerrior
Senior Advisor: Kelly Dunahoo

Contact Us:  annapolisquiltguild@gmail.com

Committee Chairs

Beekeeper: Barbara Whited
Community Service: Miki Burgnon
Judy Doyle
Lisa Murphy
Estate Review: Lynn Hollway
Prue Hoppin
Historian: Hilke Hoefer
Librarian: Joy Coffelt
Quilt Wrangler: Karen Middleton
Saleables: Elizabeth Balderrama
Karen Ayotte
Social Media: Julie Antinucci
Jenn McCaskey
Sunshine: Robin Stinchcomb
Tax Committee: Patti Ackerman
Technology: Trish Hankey
Webmasters: Carol-Sue McIlhargey
Kerry Heyes